TWISTED FUKS, From a city in the sun… a city that never sleeps… a city that gets hotter, when the sun goes down, Twisted Fuks was born.

Two friends, who moved to Miami, in the late 90’s, who partied with no regrets, created a clothing line with no regrets. Charlie being from Montreal, Canada and Rick being from Philadelphia, Miami was all new… a nightlife playground that played by it’s own rules. Miami being an international city, with international party people coming to enjoy “what” Miami, had to offer, Miami was a city like nowhere else. Falling quickly into the nightlife scene, between Rick’s “sleep is for the weak” lifestyle and Charlie’s DJ skills, they quickly became “Local Legends”.

Rick, immediately opened the Iconic boutique, “The Shop”, which still is alive and kicking today. And Charlie’s own, “Black Rose” were instant tourist destinations. Charlie and Rick were boutique owners, clothing buyers and friends.

When they were not partying or hung over, “the love of fashion”, blasted loudly, in their boutiques.

Always, staying in front of the trends, world travelers, celebrities and locals flocked to their stores, to get gear for Miami’s day and night life. After working with designers for years, and working with clients, in their boutiques… A conversation started between them. A conversation, regarding the lack of new lines, with new directions… in a sea of skulls, crosses and rhinestones, and boring “pin up chick” designers… all making the same t-shirts, with the same clip art designs. Not sure if the economy was making people afraid, to take chances, there was nothing original. They decided they had to make their own designs.

Using original photography, following no one, they designed for themselves… they designed for their friends… they designed for their clients… they designed in limited quantities… selling out of their boutiques, seeing the reaction daily, They knew they were on to something.

After having celebrities like Lil Wayne, Tommy Lee and Waka Flocka come to Miami, and buy their designs. And having there tees on MTV, BET, in Music Videos, other boutique and lifestyle stores were contacting them, trying to get the line. Twisted Fuks was born… They design edgy, forward tees and follow no rules. They are sought after, collected and copied, by others. Their names says it all… The line is not for everyone… never was… Designed for Party People, DJs, RockStars and Rappers…

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